Imran Khan & Friends

‘Lal Qalandar’ by Imran Khan & Friends now on Youtube!

See the video of ‘Lal Qalandar’ produced by Drishyam below

A big thank you to Mukta Dhyani Bhatt and the Drishyam team for such a wonderful video!!



Recent performance at Fun Republic Social, Andheri, Mumbai

Capturing the earthy essence of Sufi and Folk Music, Sitarist Imran Khan has curated a medley of musicians from Rajasthan that bring music for all events. Live and direct to the onlookers, witness the soaring vocals of Sikandar Khan, fast paced percussions of Ishteyak Khan and tabla of Naim Khan, traditional dholak of Saddik Khan and urban keys and loops by Ameya Naik. Conducting this dynamic ensemble, Imran Khan leads with his superlative sitar and vocals for music to enthrall, energise and entertain. Foot tapping rhythms and well known lyrics draw in the audience, making them move and groove to the beat.

Imran Khan – Sitar & Vocals
Sikandar Khan – Vocals
Ameya Naik – Keys and Loops
Ishteyak Khan – Cajon and Percussion
Naim Khan – Tabla
Hassan Khan – Harmonium & Supporting Vocals
Deep Gaur – Bass
Saddik Khan – Dholak